My Own Private TV Show Drama

Spring is just around coming around in a couple of weeks I thought it was time to clean out my Tivo list. Following is a list of shows that made the cut and those I've cut off.

Prison Break: Though an hour long, about 45 minutes or so with commercials, I only watch about 25 minutes of this show. I spend most of the time zipping through to get to the bits I'm halfway interested in. It's not only that the premise is improbable but there are a few characters I just don't care about and they're not killing them off as fast as they used to. I'll hang on to the end because I enjoy dissecting it with my sister, but I do hope that the end is near.

Studio 60: This show has its very vocal detractors and here and there, I'm one of them. People just aren't this smart and especially in this large of numbers. People don't speak in well thought out sentences when rhapsodizing about something as ordinary as a can of soda. But I do like the Matthew Perry character, he's snarky, but not in the Friends kind of way. And the other dorky guy, the skinny young one is appealing also, aside from speech he made to his parents when they came to visit him on set. I like Amanda Peet simply because she's smart and personable. This show is hanging on by a thread, though I've found it less annoying lately and pleasant to watch.

Grey's Anatomy: This show is DOA and off my Tivo list. And I nixed it right before the exciting two-parter where the ferry boat crashes or bursts into flames or whatever. Most likely both. And why? The men, aside from Alex and occasionally Dr. McSteamy. I found them to be arrogant over-sensitive whiny bitches. I like Christina, of course, and Izzie is smart and funny with her quirks, aside from the eye rolling love affair she had with the loaded doomed heart transplant guy, and up until Dr. Baily had a kid and grew emotions, I enjoyed watching her terrorize the interns. It's off my list and I don't miss it much and so life goes on.

30 Rock: This is one favorite I look forward to watching every week, even though I watch it sometime on Friday or over the weekend because I forget it's been recorded. Tina Fey is my hero and the whole show is funny, wry and smart. And silly which is important to me since most of the time I just want to sit back and giggle.

Amazing Race: I've watched since the second season and even though I've missed the first two episodes of this season, I'll look forward to watching until the end. As far as I'm concerned this is the ultimate reality show and, as I've said before, the only one I'd ever entertain going on. Phil is a classy host, smart and not prone to hamming it up for the camera since he knows the locations and the contestants are the focus of the show. This one will stay on my list until they stop making new ones and next season I promise to be on the ball and make sure it's programed on my list so I don't miss an episode.

Survivor: Watching this show is more of a habit and every time I watch it I remind myself its one I have to break. Its entertaining and all, but I feel I've seen everything it has to offer. This really highlights the importance of casting, since the contestants have to be appealing. When they're not, like the porno used car salesmen guy, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Usually, they do a good job and I like the puzzle challenges but all the scheming and bug bites get boring after a while. This season I'm popping in and out while the husband and the kid watch it and sometimes use the time to do other stuff, like reading in bed, uninterrupted.

Top Design: I'm not at all into this show, but its still on my list. The concept is OK enough but the host and the panel of judges are such a huge turn off. Either they revamp the panel, as in get rid of everyone except for the editor from Elle, or I'm not coming back for a second season. As it is, I fast forward most of it to just get a look at the rooms, find out the winner and the loser and then delete it as soon as I'm done. (By the way, I'm a big fan of Project Runway and Top Chef, though they could lose Padma or whatever her name is as host. There is no reason the host has to have a rack, by the way producers, Ted Allen could do a great job. Hire him. Please.)

America's Next Top Model: This show I had to physically rid myself of, kind of like quitting smoking or drinking. It has become a parody, a bad one, of itself. When I see a poster or ad for it, I just look the other away. Kind of like when you catch sight of someone peeing in an alley. You know what they're doing and its enough to make you take the long way around so you can pretend you never saw what you just did see. Or something like that.

The Office: My favorite of the bunch. Smart, simple, funny and so much more. I'll watch and watch again.

Lost: I don't care what anyone says, I don't need everything handed over to me on a plate. The back stories are smart, interesting and just as good as anything that happens on the island, sometimes better.

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