My Brand New Bag

Those who know me, know I've been searching for a laptop bag for a while. Considering how much of my life is dependent on my laptop, you'd assume I'd baby the hell out of it. But no. I've toted it around, naked and exposed to the elements or else in a floppy red bag I once used for my gym stuff. But no longer.

I happened by De La Vega Concepts while trolling around for, yes, laptop bags and realized there was a reason why no bag had of of yet passed my muster. I didn't want just any bag, I wanted a bag that looked good and meant something. I picked the Santa Fe and it arrived yesterday nicely packed in a box that I'm sure to find a use for since I prefer to keep my clutter contained. I can't wait to take myself and it on a road trip. Except, now my laptop is looking decidedly grungy next to my new bag. Maybe it's time for a new computer...

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