March Reading Frenzy

I made my way through (most) of the books I picked up in February and they are now on my shelf where they'll stay until someone asks to borrow one or I'm forced to cull my collection to make way for new books.

For now the three books I just purchased will reside on my night table and I'm looking forward to reading each of them for different reasons. And they are...

I read a review of TWCTTE in the NYTs, went to the bookstore, had a small chai soy latte, browsed the magazines and then admitted to myself why I was there. I've already started it and so far so good. (And yes, I can relate to it as a former dot-comer). I expect to be done relatively soon as I have no life. (Clarification: I do have one, but right now I'm on a writing streak, not watching nearly as much TV as I should be and really looking forward to immersing myself in a good book. That's a life, right?)

Since reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis a few years ago, the only Dave Eggers I've read is what I've come by in magazines and newspaper stories. I was once part of a writing group in San Francisco and everyone had a very strong opinion on the book and its writer. I felt very pedestrian since I'd liked the book, shared it with my sister and then moved on with my life. Obviously, I had missed something, but am looking forward to redeeming myself with WitW.

Aside from glancing at a picture of the author in Glamour magazine (or was it Marie Claire?) at the dentist's, I've only heard snippets about the book's plot and really have no idea what expect from STCiP. Here's another author people have a strong opinion on and it seems, to me at least, to be a case of judging the book my the author's cover photo. I'm curious to read it and form my own opinion. (Lord knows I'm due for one.)

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