Magazine Binge

I had to get out of the house and away from my computer today but instead of venturing out to enjoy the funky weather (it's warm and my allergies are going nuts) I headed to my nearest bookstore.

Unfortunately its only a mini version of a chain so there were slim pickings (No Catherine the Great by Virginia Rounding to be had). So instead I scoped out the magazine rack and came away with a small stack.

Dwell: Yes, it sometimes is too hip for my own good, but here and there I can find references and resources for my home file. For instance, I happened by an ad by American Clay and I'm now investigating it to see if it's an option for when we re-do the bathrooms.

Metropolitan Home: Not a usual pick because sometimes they feature really done places. You know, billowing drapes, knick-knacks and tufted furniture. But I was pulled in by the side-by-side cheapo (if you consider $15,000) bathroom renovation to the all out deluxe job.

Domino: This is my mom and sister's favorite magazine. They're always asking me if I've seen the latest and every time I have to admit I don't have a subscription. So I picked it up and was pleased to see it an eco-friendly issue. I like to think I care about the earth and I will be recycling this issue. (Gold star for me.)

And finally...

Elle: I don't know why I sometimes pick up this magazine. It's so not geared to me since I really would never buy anything they have in there and I'm not a huge trend follower. (Which is why I like Coach purses and wallets, the staid leather, not the tooth ache inducing prints.) But given the choice, I'd rather flip through Elle then say Vouge or Bazzar. W (which they don't carry) is so far out of my realm of reality, I only look at if I find it at fancy nail place (meaning they charge more than $10) if can dig one out of the pile of Glamours.

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