Local Color: Manhattan Beach

I have a theory about food and the beach. The closer you get to the shore the worse the food will be. In the case of Uncle Bill's Pancake House I have been proven wrong. Considering I had a belly full of vitamins and supplements and a manuscript to go over, I was not in the mood for a trip to the beach. But the husband's brother (from Bonn) is here and I decided to be a trooper and went along to round out the party and show family solidarity.

There was a wait and it was worth it. I ordered the buttermilk pancakes and they were light, airy and sweet with just the right amount of tang. I also spied bread pudding on the menu but circumstances kept me from taking some home. (I made up for it by buying an ice cream cone on the walk back up from the beach to the car. Isn't there some scientific evidence if you eat something while moving it doesn't count?)

Since we ate on the patio, we were privy to watching people stroll by and regular visits by birds (don't ask me what kind they are but I'll take them over pigeons any day.) The kid doesn't like birds but asked us to snap a few shots of them before we shooed them away.

We made most of the wait and went for a walk to drool over the million dollar (plus) beach front homes. As it was a Saturday and the weather was perfect, the place was packed. And as nice as the homes are (and some of them are beyond nice), I'd think twice about living there. There's really no privacy and you're always on display. I guess that's kind of the point.

At this point I was ready to keel over from sun and supplements but I soldiered on knowing the husband would not stop taking photos until I gave him some cheesecake. All in all it was a pleasant couple of hours away from my task and those pancakes were darn good.

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