Loca Color: The Getty (Malibu)

There comes a time in every host's life when they'll have to venture out of their comfort bubble in crappy weather to show a visiting friend or relative the nice parts of the city they live in. Not only that, as a good host they have to pretend they're happy about it (see photo right). I'd never been to the Getty at the Getty Villa for the sole reason that I'd never had the desire to. (I have been to Getty at the Getty Center. Twice.) This time around my sister, no not that one, arranged for tickets to see Culture Clash's adaptation of The Birds (no not that one.)

They run a very tight ship at both Gettys. You can only get in with tickets and with a parking reservation. But it's worth it. Have you ever seen a nicer parking lot structure (left)? I haven't and that's why it was worth a picture.

Everything is super sleek, subdued and an example of carefully cultivated nature. There are elevators, but I suggest taking the stairs since you get to see all all sorts of views and glimpses of the gardens and buildings. They could film a Gattica type movie there, easy.

Why no picture of food? We had planned to eat lunch at the cafe, but by the time we came out of the theater it was closed. So I took a picture of the lovely fountain, ordered pizza on the drive home and then enjoyed some more common culture by watching The Simpsons on the couch until it arrived.

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