My TV Romance: Bear by a Hair

My sister has just informed me that Bear Grylls was on Oprah this week, and though they didn't show the clip where he pees on his t-shirt to make a life saving damp head covering while conquering the desert, they did air a clip of him frolicking around naked in nature. According to her, all the women went 'ooooh' which doesn't surprise me. She, my sister, has also conceded he's cute, has good hair as well as being very charming. The accent helps and the willingness to use his own urine to save his life I'm sure play a factor in this admission. I'm not an Oprah viewer but it seems he was also a hit with the in-studio audience.

So this week, Bear wins my TV affections even though his show was a rerun and despite Mike Rowe singing a decent national anthem at some AA or AAA baseball game.

Congrats, Bear. I know it means a lot to you.

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