Local Color: Dar Maghreb

When my good friend Laura said she would be in town from San Francisco around the time of her 23rd (yelp!) wedding anniversary and invited us out to celebrate, how could I say no? Especially since she said we'd be having dinner at a place where undulating and distended bellies would be aplenty.

And so this is how I found myself reclining on a couch at Dar Maghreb for a night of Putumayo musical favorites over the loud speaker, foods only to be eaten with fingers and much laughter to aid digestion.

This is not the first low seating restaurant I've been to, but by far the most comfortable. We were a perfect party of six so no one had to sit on the dreaded footstool at the open end of the round table. Of course we had the kid with us and he would have ended up there if one more adult would have shown up.

What would a night be at a Moroccan restaurant without a belly dancer? This lady had to work eight sections at hour or so intervals. We had the luck to sit next to a group who came dressed in costume, complete with a small tribal drum. They monopolized her time and a couple of the gals even pulled out some advanced belly dancing moves and upstaged her. I figure if you're going to be that obnoxious, order pizza and do it in the privacy of your own home.

No, there's nothing wrong with your monitor. I posted the picture of DM's popular lemon chicken in black and white because color was, well, way too colorful. The lemon chicken was, as I struggle to remember, the third or fourth course and the only one I got a shot of before we descended on it. No plates, no cutlery, just our fingers and the handy towel we were given at the beginning of the meal.

By the end of the meal we were all taking in the sight of Dar Maghreb's ceiling.

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