Fiction vs Life: The SF Mayor Scandal

OK, fine I'll admit I find this weird myself. With the news of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom recently fessing up to his affair with his former appointment secretary who also happened to be the wife of his best friend and the man he'd entrusted with his reelection campaign, I've had more than one person remark on the similarities between real life and my novel.

Never would have I imagined that my fiction would so closely mirror the actual news events that are going on in San Francisco now.
Underneath It All (Kensington Books/January 2007) features a rising star mayor who also has an issue with fidelity. Repeated issues, actually, and a couple of those times is with his own press secretary who is then forced to resign her job on his staff due to personal issues.

While I was writing UIA I did have Newsom in mind. He is good looking, impeccably groomed and a vibrant political personality. I even voted for him and would vote for him again if I still lived in San Francisco. I would hate to think that such a stupid lapse in judgment would endanger all the good things he's done for the City and hurt his chances for reelection, but its not up to me to decide. As for my fictional mayor, Kit Baxter, he was on his way to running for governor at the end of the book. What's going to happen on the real life San Francisco political scene is a whole other story.

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