Evolution of a Resolution

I'll come right out and fess up, I've fallen off the fitness wagon. Not big time or anything, but enough for me to realize I can go either way and throw in the towel and learn to live with being a few pounds over my ceiling weight of 135. Or I can get my butt in gear and work a little harder to get back into shape and remind myself to eat better. Pretty easy, eh?

I've debated re-joining the gym, but I know that won't work out. I want to get my exercise out of the way first thing in the morning. I can't do that since the kid is still asleep and I can't duck out of the house for a 6 AM spin class. I doubt social services will be very understanding about leaving a child under 10 alone in the house so my butt will look better.

I've been pretty active since my late teens and at times have been that person who can't help but gush about how great it is to break a sweat. I was in the best shape of my life from about age 23 up until I gave birth at 27. And I was in good shape for pregnant woman, working out until the last few weeks when I finally acknowledged just how tired I was. After my son's arrival I breast fed and channeled all my pent up energy into workouts and reached my pre-pregnancy weight within three months. By month four I was about 10 lbs below that and had to get a grip. So I started eating dessert before dinner and finishing off dinner with dessert. Those were good times and if it weren't for the obvious drawbacks, I'd be lactating now.

On the plus side, I've discovered iTRAIN and love the workouts. Before I let myself get distracted, and lazy, I was able to breeze through one even though they are quite challenging. Plus, I can mix and match different bits from the various options they have. While that takes care of one portion of my fitness needs, the fact remains I still need a dose of pure cardio to make me feel like I've worked out. The treadmill I got last summer is no longer an option. I finally chucked it, look for it to be posted on craigslist soon, because the truth is, I don't like to run. It's just too jarring. After considering my options (no, extreme house work was not one of them) I've realized my true fitness love is spinning. Sure I might feel stupid buying a spin bike, they ain't cheap, but its ultimately what I want to do. And guess what? iTRAIN offers spin workouts!

So as of today (edit: um, tomorrow), I will no longer let the many excuses I can come up with get between me and my 6:30 AM workout. Except, I don't have a spin bike. That might be a problem but not an excuse.

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