ChimMaya in Pictures...

I had a great time at Gallery ChimMaya's del Amor opening reception on February 11. Owners Daniel and Steven, as well as their family members who pitched in to make the day run as smoothly as possible, were warm and welcoming. There is a lot to look at, as ChimMaya not only sells art by local and emerging artists, but also jewelry, purses and other accessories.

I signed 27 copies of Underneath It All (had two Porto's potato balls and one empanada, plus a delicious cupcake) during the event. Just a couple of days ago, Daniel called asking me for more. The show goes on until March 10th and you can find a signed copy of Underneath It All until they stop asking for them.

There I am, assuming the position. The roses were an unexpected and lovely touch.

I was sitting in the part of the store that had once been a nail salon. Nowadays you'd never know it. If you go, do yourself a favor and look up. Steven has done a great job of making what could be a boring but necessary drop ceiling look more like art.
Just to the left of me was a display of the cutest purses. The art wasn't bad either!

Me and Daniel at the end of a long day. (Which was a lot longer for him since he and Steven had to repaint walls, hang art and, like, run a store and host the event.)

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