Adventures in Public Speaking

I was lucky enough to be approached by writer and librarian Erica Silverman , that's her in the purple shirt, to give a talk at the Robert L. Stevenson branch in Boyle Heights. I was only too happy to say yes since I spent a good chunk of my formative years at my own local library. (She also inspired me to keep plugging aways at my two young adult proposals when she said she has a hard time finding books to suggest to readers in her branch. So I hope to add to her shelves once more in the not so near future.)

Besides figuring out what to wear (when you live in jeans and long sleeved Ts, fashion does become an issue when you need to leave the house), I was most worried about which passages to read. I wanted something short, but complete, funny but with no dialog. Much to my relief it was well received and I even got a compliment for picking a particular passage. And to think I only figured out what I was going to read a couple of hours before the event.

Turn out was pretty light, but I was asked some very good question by the people who came. It also gave me a taste as to what I should expect at future readings and q&a's. My sister said I seemed very natural, not at all stiff or phony as she expected me to be. All I can say is that sometimes fear is a good thing. It forces you to act on instinct and trust your gut. After I got over my initial horror at being in front of a room of people who were there to listen to me, I actually enjoyed myself. Overall, it was a great experience and I owe it all to Erica for her hard work.

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