What I got...

Christmas might be, thankfully, over and this year as in seasons past, the gifts were hit and missing.

The Mia Bag (Coach): I should have known by the size of the box, but this is what I get for picking gifts via the web. Even though Coach has a sizing feature (you pick your height and a figure approximates the proportion of the bag), the Mia turned out to be way too big. So its going back, today in fact, and I hope I can find something brown, but smaller that isn't covered in the Coach logo.

Sexy Japanese Figures (Specialty Food Markets): The husband came through with not one, but two. He even gave one to the nephew (age 18) and I was hoping he'd be too embarrassed to display it, but when I found the box it was empty, the figure having disappeared somewhere into his room. So only Busty Bride and Girl in Blue Bikini join Orange Page Boy on my shelf.

Hugo Guinness Book (John Derian, NYC): This one actually took some effort, a phone call, so I was surprised to have received it. The prints are small and I'll have to dismantle the book to frame them, but they are sparse, clean and not too precious to hang. Now all I have to do is find the prefect frames, mats and configuration.

The MBT trainers I got for myself and will play a role, a significant one, in my official New Year's resolution (details to come later). As expected, they are not pretty and I refuse to wear them outside, even if I find long wide legged pants that would hide them. I just can't do it, I'm too vain.

The iGallop was not under the tree, big surprise. I suppose it is the kind of thing a reasonable person buys when someone on craigslist wants to unload theirs. I'm not sure though, I mean, lets face it, it's an upright humping machine, core exerciser my ass. Is it really the type of thing I want to buy second hand....(Answer: Most likely.)

Of the other odds and ends I was gifted I was most giddy with the Bond on Set picture book (genuine reaction to it on left). I predict hours of inspiration will be found in its pages until the DVD comes out. I've also been having a lot of fun with my wobble board, the poor frustrated girl's way to train her core.

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