Random Photos: I'm Here to Help

Not only am I a writer but I'm also a mom. When I saw a line of kids going cotton candy-less at my kid's school fair, I knew I had to do something. Despite not having any idea how to work the machine, and not washing my hands, I asked the surly teen who was attempting to force an equally surly teen to take over to stand aside and let me have a crack at it. She was only too eager to hand over the paper cone to me and sit down to text her friend sitting next to her. Much to my surprise, I was a natural at it! (Tip: Don't stand down wind when winding the stuff. This will cut down on cotton candy asphyxiation, a well know occupational hazard.) For the record, pink cotton candy is not only the most popular color but flavor as well. Yes, there is a difference. After I ran out of pink sugar crystals, I had to use the blue. I avoided a mini-revolt only by making the fluffy, sugary spheres extra huge. (I'll take my thanks from parents and dentists later.)

I'm not ready to say I've retired, the power was kind of addictive. As were the fumes.
By the end of my brief stint as a cotton candy machine operator, I was covered in a sticky film of sugar.

Erotic? Not really.

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