My TV Romance: Bear vs. Mike

There's nothing better then spending an hour with your dream man and its even better when you can pause him mid-sentence to answer the phone and skip the boring parts to get right to the good stuff.

As I don't go around developing crushes on just any television host, I'm pretty picky about who I spend my brain rotting time with on the couch. Currently the battle for my television affections is between Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs and Bear Gyrlls of Man vs. Wild, also on the Discovery Channel by way of the BBC.

As this unhealthy little fixation develops, I'll post a compare and contrast anylysis of their weekly antics and rate who has come out ahead...for that week at least.

Mike is older. Older is good. And funny. Funny is better. He's not afraid to work hard and the quips just keep on coming.

Bear is young and agile. Plus, would be very handy to have around in a 'Lost' type of situation.

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