Big Week of Nothing...

OK, I hope I don't come off as a whiner, but man was this a long pointless week. Aside from Jim telling Karen he still has feeling for Pam, my week was blah. Some of it might have to do with the fact that I'm rewriting a project from third person to first or maybe I'm a bit bummed my editor is leaving for another job. Or maybe what's bothering me is that theaters are on Winter hours so I can't catch a matinée early enough to make it back home and pretend I didn't skip out to the movies instead of rewriting my manuscript from third to first.

My day job isn't really exciting, all I really do is type and sigh, type and sigh. Friends have suggested I try getting out more so I've come up with the idea of taking my butt and laptop to another locale to write for a couple of hours a day. Hopefully it'll cut down on the sighing and force me to finish this rewrite on time. Even I find that annoying and the dog as started giving me dirty looks. So starting on Monday I'll be at the library in the afternoons because the smell of overpriced coffee makes my head ache.

Next week is bound to be better, I just know it. If not, I'll take up drinking. Now that's something I can do during the day on my own schedule. Type and drink, type and drink.

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