'Tis the Season to Fertilize

At least it appears to be so in my neighborhood. On my daily walks I counted (smelled) at least two homes on our usual route whose grass is covered by a rich layer of manure. Adding to that olfactory joy, my next door neighbor is currently overseeing the depositing of bags and bags of the stinky stuff right at this moment. I'm guessing this is the start of the Westside fertilizing season, my first so pardon me if I gush about it.

I suppose even I can see the logic in fertilizing a lawn in winter. Cooler temperatures means the stuff won't shake and bake in the sun and people tend to keep their windows closed, so less dirty looks from the neighbors. This is all new to me as where I grew up, on the other side of L.A. people fertilized their lawns at will. (My dad being guilty of a memorable late spring effort that is still talked about to this day. At least by us, in the family, since neighbors there rarely complain to each other or even call the cops unless its a stranger who firing off shots at the corner.) I for one will resist the draw of a brown, steaming lawn. The one we have is fine. It's basically green and uniform in texture. In other words, its a lawn and its lucky it gets watered on a regular basis.

We may not have snow in Southern California but as I told my kid*, Santa will be able to smell his way to our chimney this year.

*I'm inclined to believe the kid is really hamming up his belief in Santa Claus this year. Mostly since I told him a few years ago that Santa is merely a marketing tool to con people into buying more crap for their kids or less and blame it on someone who doesn't exist. I suppose he's forgotten what I said and I'm inclined to go along with the whole charade since it comes in handy (the threats that Santa Claus is going to shaft him on the stuff he wants) when trying to get the kid to put a little more pep in the punch at homework or teeth brushing time.

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