'Tis the Season to be Alone

This Friday marks the last of my freedom from people for the next two weeks (unless I follow through on my threat of checking into a hotel, but since it's less than 12 hours into it, I think the announcement was a bit premature.)

So in praise of being alone, I've made a list of things I'd rather be doing then sharing my space and time with my loved ones.

1. Watching newly discovered TV shows while "writing."
After reading a story in either the New Yorker or The Atlantic, I decided to Tivo The Office and I have fallen in love...with a television show. I've rented the DVDs and am slowly catching up, but I'm in no rush. The best part of love is the discovery process.

2. Cleaning up.
I hate to do housework, it overwhelms me and despite my best, OK, halfhearted efforts, I always seem to miss some essential component like dusting framed pictures or moving the coffee table to get that one last dust bunny. But when I do clean I like to do it alone, uninterrupted (except for stopping to see what's on Tivo) and at my own pace.

3. Shopping either for food or fun stuff.
I am a firm believer that shopping is a solitary sport and should never been done in herds. Since I'm a speed shopper (know what you're going to get, where to get it and then go) I'm not a popular shopping companion so I rarely get invited to go along on expeditions.

4. Going to the movies.
This is one hobby I let lapse and recently rediscovered. I've left my reliable movie buddies in San Francisco and have gone for months and months without going out to the movies on my own. Casino Royal ended that drought and I can't wait for a chance to run away for a couple of hours to be by myself in the dark in the middle of a movie theater. (Unfortunately, I won't be sneaking in my favorite snack: orange carrot juice blended with ice from Jamba Juice and Wetzle's Pretzles bits since I can't get both in the same place.)

5. Nothing.
I'm a big proponent of doing nothing and not ashamed to admit it. I'm not one of those types who has to pretend to be busy or doing something useful just so other people get the idea that my life has a purpose. I know what I have to do, I get it done when I'm supposed to, but in the meantime don't bother me. I'm busy doing nothing.

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