Movie Brief: Harold and Maude (1971)

What better way to celebrate love, life and death then in 91 minutes. When I first saw Harold and Maude, reluctantly I admit, I wasn't in the mood for a movie that came out the year I was born. Little did I know that I'd fall in love with the story of a bored and depressed 20-year-old who falls in love with a woman almost four times his age who lives life to the fullest. Harold and Maude is the only kind of love story I can stomach, one full of dark humor and absurdity. It's the kind of movie I wish I could see for the first time all over again, but since I can't, I've made it my mission to recommend it to as many people as I can.

Harold has a penchant for staging dramatic suicides to either get a rise out of his mother or avoid going out with one of the several suitable girls she tries to set him up with. When he meets Maude, a fellow fan of funerals, Harold realizes that life can be, well, fun. Plus, the soundtrack is memorable for all the wonderful Cat Stevens tunes.

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