Good Reads: Rodney Rothman's Early Bird

During the boom all people talked about in San Francisco was early retirement. How they were going to cash out their stock and never work again, or at least not for a very long time. (Actually, I only really remember men saying this was their ultimate goal.) Not sure how many got to go through with their plans, but I'm almost sure none wanted to check in to a retirement community and live amongst, like, real retirees.

They wanted to travel the world or buy a vineyard in a place that would become the world's new Napa at dirt cheap prices and then cash out again so they could...retire.

Rothman went a slightly different route. He checks out from his Hollywood TV writing career to check into a Florida retirement community. That Rothman is in his late 20s and now has to learn the social rhythms of people in his 60s is just one of the challenges he faces with humor and a keen eye for detail. He finds friends his own age gradually drop off his radar, and he off of theirs. And his new friends are living life to its fullest even while accepting death may be just around the corner. Rothman eventually goes back to his old life, yes, I'll say it, a little older and much wiser.

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