The Best of Intentions

In my ongoing quest to better my brain, I've made a point of being a little more discriminating with my reading and viewing material. Easier said then done, as I still mourn my Thursday treat--US Weekly. A Thursday was not a Thursday unless I found it in my mail box, and, man, was I pissed if it was late. Now it doesn't come anymore and they've even given up on sending me "please renew" notices. Still, I won't buy it off the stand since I can't stomach the idea of spending almost $4 on mere 15 minutes of guilty pleasure. I've spent money on some pretty stupid crap in my time, but even I can't justify a full price US Magazine.

I recently subscribed to The New Yorker and feel I finally have the attention span to actually read it. A few days before the solicitation came in the mail, I had the husband, kid and m-i-l driving to a newsstand after dinner to pick up a copy. That's when I knew I might as well subscribe and add it to my pile of Atlantic Monthly's. (I've let my Harper's lapse--I just found it too chewy.) As for viewing, I've weeded down my Tivo buffet and, after half-watching Katie Couric on the Nightly News, demanded the husband get his news from somewhere else. We are now a BBC World News household.

Then there's what I do with the rest of my time. I can’t claim to be totally ignorant of what's going on with Paris, Nicole, TomKat and Brangelina. I get my regular does of gossip via blogs (justjared, dlisted, thesuperficial) and even read publishing related gossip for good measure (mediabistro's galleycat and gawker). Plus, every Monday I commandeer the TV (a high definition monstrosity that shows every pore, tear and wrinkle) to watch Prison Break. On Tuesday morning I discuss it--the female characters are written weakly, their development almost after-thoughts--with other like minded viewers. (OK, just my sister but we usually agree.) And I still harbor dreams of being on The Amazing Race but would never try out. I just don’t need to learn that much about myself, not even for a chance to win a million dollars.

So what does this all mean? Not a damn thing. I’d re-subscribe to US in a heartbeat, if they lowered their price. I can’t wait for the Borat movie, but have no desire to see Jackass Number Two. And, mostly, if I wrote as much as I IM’d on a daily basis, I’d churn out a couple of manuscripts a year.

Maybe not good ones, but I’ll leave it up to the critics to judge me on that one.

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