Good Reads: Adam Gopnik's Paris to the Moon

Like many writers, I fantasize about living in Paris. It’s not going to happen any time soon, but in the meantime I have Gopnik’s gem of a book recounting the daily ins-and-outs of living and keeping a family together in The City of Lights. He makes national strikes and the lack of turkey for Thanksgiving sound good. His series of essays, written while he was writing "Paris Journal" for The New Yorker (not a bad job to have), are funny, enlightening and feed the imagination while dispensing some practical advice on all things Paris.

I spent a few cold, very cold, days in Paris right before Christmas in 1999. Despite being miserable with morning sickness I was in awe of all that was around me and enjoyed aimless walks through the city. Though when the husband suggested a dizzying trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower I almost ripped his jugular out. Since we had jet lag, we got to the Louver before the rush and by the time we stumbled out a few hours later, the line was dauntingly long. (By the way, I recommend the peas and mashed potatoes in the cafe for anyone suffering from nausea, pregnancy related or otherwise.) So until I get to enjoy Paris on a more intimate level, I have Gopnik's book to thumb through when I'm feeling bored with my everyday decidedly un-Parisian life.

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