Good Reads: Chris Ayres's War Reporting for Cowards

I've always regretted not putting my journalism degree to legitimate use. My professors would regale us with tales of how little we'd be paid, how far we'd have to travel to find work and how much life would suck all around if we stuck to the idea of being working journalists. Then the whole Internet thing happened and within a year I was making almost as much as a non-tenured instructor.

But I did feel like I sold out, especially when I was going out to a different restaurant each night after spending my day writing about software, sex or camping instead of school board meetings and Junior League luncheons. Now I don't think the local free paper would publish me without carefully vetting my resume and references.

This is beside the point, but explains why I picked up War Reporting for Cowards.

For those of us who never gave ourselves the chance or never had the inclination to be a war correspondent during the first wave of the attack on Iraq will be happy to find that Ayres did the dirty work for us. Ayres hilariously writes about what life can be like for one (un)lucky foreign correspondent who finds himself embedded during the push toward Baghdad of the current Iraqi war. Never was a person so unsuited for a job which is why his account is not only funny, but honest. It's an eye-opener for journalists of the arm chair variety and just a good read in general.

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