A Single Obession

Since I’m lucky enough to work from home I have access to a wide array of television programs and thanks to dvrs I can stock pile shows for when I have writer’s block. (Which happens for at least half an hour during a normal work day.)

One recent Friday my writer’s block time coincided with a reality show on the WE network called Single in the City. My usual half hour turned into an hour and then into a serious problem when I realized a whole other episode was coming up after the one I’d just watched.

The show is what it sounds like and being that it’s on WE it focuses on single women living in New York. A good chunk of it is about their love lives, attempts at getting a love life and other relationships. It also touches on their jobs. The women range from a very pushy gal who runs a pet magazine to an aspiring singer. There is also a fair share of models/actresses, but not the willowy, vacuous kind. These women are older, look like women and aren’t vacuous all the time.

Since even when I was single I wasn’t, I’m horribly fascinated by this show. They have no one to consult over their daily decisons, long term plans or even what they want to eat for dinner any given night. They don't have to listen or answer to anyone but themselves as they go about their daily lives. Their only responsibilities are to their jobs and the odd pet or house plant. If they weren’t so desperate to find a man, it would be an ideal life. They devote serious time to dressing and primping, relaxing with friends and primping. The only complaint I have is they don’t dress very well. A few are borderline frumpy. Ill fitting pants and a saggy tank top just don’t do anything for my inner fantasy of a single New York woman. Moms wear crap like that. I wear crap like that sometimes…when I bother to change out of my workout clothes.

Since these woman are up front about just about all parts of their lives we get to see them getting their roots touched up, the insides of their bathrooms and the truly awkward dates they go on, all on camera.

I do have my favorite women, but for the most part I’m not rooting for them to find a guy and settle down. You know why? It’s freaking boring. Unless they end with a guy who happens to be a Navy SEAL with a great sense of humor, lives in a tricked out tree house and isn't camera shy.

And, honestly, what are the chances of that?

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